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TD-240 is a 4 Channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone System that uses diversity receiving technology. The signal is more stable. The receiving distance is longer. The application is more comprehensive. 


Why It's Better?


Adopt 2U standard chassis. The system menu is displayed on a large color screen, and the content is more explicit.  The working status of each channel's radio frequency and audio is displayed by independent LED lights.


Real-time monitoring of the transmitter battery power. The system menu has six sets of stacking frequencies and that can be recalled and used. The transmitter conference/handheld/lavalier can be mixed and used


The four-channel volume is independently adjustable.  SQ is independently adjustable. IR and infrared frequency are independently controlled. 4+2 audio output mode is provided. 


The system working frequency is set to 4 X 100 frequency points. Each channel is equipped with 100 frequency points adjustable--the system frequency range defaults to 640 -690 MHZ.


Professional performance-level phase locking circuit, with noise locking squelch control and digital pilot technology. 


TD-240 Receiver


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