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Model UP

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Model UP interactive smartboard is a combination of a whiteboard, display monitor, and  Android device.  Making presentation and teacher more efficient and enjoyable. Traditionally, if having all three functions would take up lots of space, but now it is shrunk into one all-in-one monitor which reduces the physical space required for the company or school. With the feedback from the last version, Model UP is now equipped with newer components and software, providing a new level of enjoyment.


Areal Delete Function

This functions allow users to delete what ever part of the drawing that like without affecting other components on the screen

Capture and Share Function

Drawing can be captured and saved within the system or shared immediately via QR code. The audience can download the drawing by simply scanning the auto-generated QR code.

Bi-Directional Touching

Model UP supports bi-directional touching function which allows users to control the casted system on the casted device or on the touchscreen of the interactive whiteboard

Supports Multiple Main Platforms

Model UP Interactive Smartboard supports wireless casting from Android, IOS Chromebook, Mac, and Windows. Making it almost compatible with all main operating systems in the market.

Accurate Touch

Infrared beam-based touch screen with lighting fast response time (8 ms). Pin point touch detection and precise display. Suitable for drawing in teaching or presentation situations.

Various Drawing Present

Whiteboard mode provides a different kind of pen or brush to choose from. Along with customizable width and color, the presenter or teachers would have more flexibility.


Anti-glare 4mm 7H Toughened Glass is used for the touchscreen to increase its durability, avoid scratch even in heavy usage


With multitouch up to 20 points, many users can share the touch screen together for easier collaboration.


Model UP supports up to 4 devices casting at maximum, the screen which is split into 4 sections to display all casted devices. Enhancing the process of information sharing and increase the efficiency of group discussion.


Wireless screen share support up to 4 screen streaming simultaneously.


Simplistic UI allows users to access every feature with just touches away.


Sleek design packed within the aluminum chassis. Premium material at its finest.


With our motherboard, OPS, LED backlight 3 in 1 stable power supply, idle power is minimized.



Just simply plug in Model P and connect it to the local network and it's ready to go. No additional software needed.


Connect to Model P via WIFI without any additional software! It works on both mobile system and desktop system!

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