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Audio Mixer

AC-1608 is a 16 channel analog input audio mixer, mixing with smooth fader and 7-inch LCD touch screen. It’s support 4AUX auxiliary output channels and 4 FX effector channels, suitable in a broad range of use .



16 Channels analog input(8 digital gain voice, 4 stereo input, 2 high resistance mono, 2 playback)

4 build-in effects, simplify the system wiring

Channel parameter copy function,quickly copy data on the same channel

8 DCA groups, 8 mute groups, input, auxiliary output, and FX effector channels can all be programmed

7-inch high-definition touch screen with 1024x600 resolution

4 AUX auxiliary output channels and 4 FX effector channels can select the signal sending position:Pre Fdr、Psot-Fdr、Pre Dyn、Per All

Spec Sheet


Each input channel has a 4-band parametric equalizer, compressor, noise gate, polarity, and delayer

Each output channel has 6-band parameter equalization, 31-terminal graphic equalization, high and low pass, compressor, delay, and feedback suppression

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