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The HDMI to USB3.0 video capture device has the advantages of high performance, high compatibility, convenient to bring and simple to install. The product can collect HDMI audio and video input signals, and the collected video resolution can reach up to 1080p60Hz, and supports external analog input, can select analog audio signal or digital audio signal for acquistion. (Digital audio signal comes from HDMI input port, the analog audio signal comes from the AUDIO input port) With HDMI Loopout, support from HDMI source analog stereo audio output. USB3.0 compatible chips include Intel, Renesas, ASNedia, Fresco Logic and more. HDMI to USB3.0 video capture device meets UVC and UAC standards, no need to install drivers and settings, just plug and play. It is easy to use


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HDMI Input & Loopout

HDMI input and HDMI loopout support HDMI 2.0


Supports acquistion resolution of 480i-1080p60Hz

High Resolution

Support resolution 4K2K(4:4:down-conversion 1080p60Hz video capture (note: resolution 4K2Kdown-con4:2:2 does not support frequency reduction function)

Audio Output

Support stripping analog stereo audio output from HDMI source

Audio signal collection

Support digital or analog audio signal collection (digital audio signal comes from HDMI input port, analog audio signal comes from the AUDIO input port)

Operating System

Compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems

USB 3.0

Compatible with USB 3.0, the transfer rate reaches 300~350Mb/s


Compatible with acquisition software such as VLC, OBS, XSPLIT and AMCAP

Easy to install

No need to install the driver, just plug and play

Spec Sheet



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