WCS-Series microphone is meant for wireless conferencing avoiding the tedious cable management problem in your conference room. WCS-Series microphone comes in with 3 models which is WCS200, WCS400 and WCS800 which are differ from the number of microphone it includes. With WCS-Series microphone, you can setup your conferencing system way cleaner and easier. (Provide optional Traditional Gooseneck Mic for purchase which is different based on the WCS-Series model)

Innovative and Helpful

Array Microphone Rod

WCS-Series microphone adapt an innovative array microphone design which effectively improve the pickup distance and the speech clarity of the microphone, making the conference experience more professional.

Full-Color OLED Full-View Display

WCS-Series microphone has built-in full-color OLED full-view screen with full English display. It shows the real-time working status of receiver and transmitter which help users in connecting microphone to the receiver easily.


Stable and Convenient

Phase Locking Loop Technology (PLL)

WCS-Series microphone applied the PLL radio frequency stabilisation technology to maintain an accurate frequency so that the connection could be stable and reliable.

Independent or Mixed Output

WCS-Series microphone supports both independent output (XLR) and mixed (φ6.3mm) output. Hence, users can connect the microphone to audio processing or power amplifier equipment easily.

Interchangeable and Automatic

Infrared Frequency Matching

WSC-Series microphone uses infrared frequency matching. The transmitter can be interchanged and the whole operation is simple.

Menu Display

WSC-Series microphone has 8-level display, 8-level audio level display, channel menu display, mute display.

Auto Idle Channels Searching

WSC-Series microphone is capable of automatically search or idle channels and avoid interference channels automatically.


Synchronizing frequency between receiver and transmitter via infrared, PLL synthesized technique and digital pilot technique.


Display shows a red voltage alarm when the transmitter battery voltage low.


LED display indicates the system volume, battery, channel of A/B switch, work frequency, receiving distance gear and the system locked key etc.


Dual channel independent inquiry system for Minimize off frequency


System adopts electronic volume control so that higher precision and put an end to the resistance of the potentiometer noise.


Automatically search for the cleanest channel.



Number of Receiver Channels

WCS-200: 2 Receivers

WCS-400: 4 Receivers

WCS-800: 8 Receivers

Chassis Specifications

EIA Standard 1U

Receiving Method

CPU control automatic selective information receiving

Frequency Oscillation Mode

PLL Phase Locked Loop

Carrier Frequency Band

UHF 605-655MHz (available frequency depends on local regulations)

Frequency Pairing 

One-Key Infrared Frequency Setting

Modulation Method


Number of Channels




Frequency Stability


Dynamic Range

100 dB

Maximum Frequency Deviation

± 45KHz

Frequency Response

60Hz-18KHz (± 3dB) (The Frequency of The Entire System Depends on The Microphone Unit)

Comprehensive SNR

> 100dB

Comprehensive Distortion Rate

< 0.5%@1KHz


6dBμV, S/N> 80dB

Audio Output

-12 dB

Audio Output Impedance


Volume Output

With Volume Adjustment

Silent Mode

Digital Lock Loop Adaptive Control

Working Distance

Around 80m (Working Distance Depends on Many
Environmental Factors, Including RF Signal
Absorption, Reflection and Interference, etc.)

Working Temperature

-10 °C ~ + 60 °C

Function Display Mode

Full Color OLED Full Viewing Angle English Display

Function Display Content

Group, Channel, Frequency, Antenna A / B Automatic Signal Selection, RF / AF Signal Strength, Mute, Transmitter Battery Capacity

Control Mode

Power Switch, Audio Frequency, Frequency (Up/Down), Function Lock Mode , Frequency Pairing

Output Plug Mode

1 Unbalanced φ6.3mm Connector / 2 Independent
Balanced XLR Connectors (Two Channels)

Receiver Dimensions (mm)

480mm (width) × 89mm (height) × 260mm (length)

Power Supply

12V AC 2000mA




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