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Powerful instant messaging and collaboration software to help companies effectively communicate with customers from the digital generation.

Do business with global customers anytime, anywhere through different online and physical channels



Interact with customers anytime, anywhere

For customers to reach you, they only need to have a device with Internet access and a WebRTC-enabled browser! No need to travel for meetings or pay for long-distance calls

No dedicated hotline staff? Using UC.NOW's Agent Chat mobile app, even if your employees are not in their seats, they can receive a "conversation request" reminder on their iOS or Android phone and tablet, and even start an online conversation with customers on the app directly

Sell smarter and close faster

Inject human touch into the indifferent electronic operation. Add a voice message to a text conversation. Concerns and problems are often more effectively addressed through live dialogue and vocal explanations

Use the video call functionality to present your idea. Seeing is believing, and persuasion can be improved through demonstration.

Provides enhanced Call-To-Action capabilities for digital marketing

Start an instant conversation with one click

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