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The MVM-XXXX is a high-definition video signal exchnage devices, which can support up to 8-160 signal input put channels and 8-160 signal output, adopting rear plug-in structure. The product supports a variety of video format signal input and output which can be interchangeable, the image is still produced with high-fidelity. The muti-format matrix adopts a plug-in structure, which is flexible and convenient to install. Currently, it supports optical fiber, IP, HDbaseT, HDMI, DVI 3G/HD/SD-SDI, VGA, YPbPr, CVBS and other signal input and output. Equiped with both Ethernet and RS232 communication interface port, through a dedicated control software to control the switching of matrix signals, userrs can monitor working status of the matrix and signal resolution and so on.



·switching function

instantly switch any input signal source

·Stitching function

Gen-Lock image stitching function


Superposition of arbitrary characters: superimpose any Chinese and English characters on the image, the font/color/size/position is variable