An all-digital communication control wireless conference system with automation to eliminate all installing trouble.



No more frequency crashes

Adopting the unique patented ATGAT technology (automatic time slot allocation technology), the time division multiple access communication protocols (CSTDMA) with the ability to avoid and resolve communication conflicts, automatically selects the optimal frequency for communication, without manually setting the working frequency. When multiple receivers work at the same time, each receiving machine automatically avoids the frequency points that other receivers have selected to work, and the whole process is fully automatic, without manual intervention, and intelligent installation is realized.

Original antenna signal receiving mode switching mechanism

Use the toggle switch to select the antenna port to use the conventional antenna or use the antenna amplifier receiving board, with the antenna power supply, eliminating the need to add external equipment, increase the wireless distance and wireless transmission stability, adapt to various special Venue environment. 

Fully automatic frequency selection

The system presets 20 different frequency band channels and can set multiple sets of systems to be used in the same venue to meet the needs of large-scale conferences and avoid mutual interference with other wireless products. 

Automatic frequency sync

Radar frequency selection synchronizes automatically. When the unit is in the same address code, the main control unit replaces the communication channel, and all the attending units automatically synchronized, eliminating the need for professional debugging. 


Carrier frequency band:UHF640MHz-690MHz 

Modulation method: FM 

Working distance: 60 meters 

Oscillating mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesis 

Sensitivity: S/N>60dB when the offset is equal to 25KHz and the input is 6dBv 

Bandwidth: 30MHz 

Maximum offset: ±45KHz 

Integrated signal to noise ratio S/N: >105dB 

Comprehensive T.H.D: <0.7%@1KHz 

Comprehensive frequency response: 45Hz-18KHz±1dB 

Power supply: AC220 40W 

Size (mm): 


Output socket: XLR parallel and 6.3 non-parallel socket 





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