Color screen sequence control.




1. Full-color screen shows working status. 

2. Can be set password boot.

3. COM central control (command control) or with software control. 

4. The turn-on time interval of each channel can be adjusted, multiple machines can be used at the same time. 

5.Rower input conditions (single-phase 3-wire) AC90-260V 50-60HZ Dual-phase (3-wire Null wire, Fire wire, Ground wire). 

6. Channels: 8 channels Universal socket relay controlled. ].

7. Relay controlled output maximum withstand single power/total power (reactive power): 2000W/6000W. 

8. Output power socket Spec: Flame retardant ABS material. can withstand up to 13A current phosphor copper material, standard universal socket.

9. Output relay contact current: 30A 277VAC.

10.Circuit board specification. double-sided fiberboard, main power supply line twice thickening treatment.

11. Rower supply specification. built-in switching power supply. applicable to global voltage ac90•260v 50.60Hz.

12. Main cable specification: 3*4 m² cable, total length 1.5m (standard power plug).

13. External control switch interface: RS232 COM interface central control.

14. Control software and support central control function and ID quantity allocation, with the instruction code and control software, support central control. 





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